About Us

Syahrin & Co. is a chartered accounting firm that puts rigour and discipline into business strategy. Established in 2003, grown rapidly into a practice and offers a range of professional services which include accounting, management consultancy and corporate services.

We offer a unique range of products and services that save money, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and provide peace of mind that regulatory conditions have been met when implementing new proposals.

We are affiliated with Syahmas Management (Corporate Secretarial Advisors), Halim Ahmad & Co.(Chartered Accountants), HAC Tax Services Sdn. Bhd. (Tax Agent & Advisors) and  MBSM Manufacturing & Consultancy (Manufacturing Audit Advisors)

We are committed to making a positive contribution to your business through our excellent services. Working with integrity, we are always expanding our range of services, resulting in more specialized departments and increased efficiency to cope with your specific needs.